Off-Field Disciplinary

All clubs and participants involved in Rugby League are bound by the Operational Rules. These include rules relating to the Salary Cap, social media, player registrations and fixture fulfilment amongst other areas. Upon receipt of an allegation of a breach of Operational Rules the RFL will, if necessary, investigate the matter to determine the appropriate outcome. The Compliance Manager is responsible for this and upon receiving all the relevant information he will:

  • deem that no further action is required; or
  • provide advice to the Club or individual concerned; or
  • formally warn the Club or individual concerned; or
  • charge and issue a sanction (e.g. a fine) to the Club or person concerned; or
  • charge the Club or individual concerned and deal with the matter as an Agreed Decisions; or
  • charge the Club or individual concerned and refer the matter to an Off-Field Operational Rules Tribunal. 

The Off-Field Operational Rules Tribunal is an independent Tribunal made up of a legally qualified Chair (usually a serving or retired Judge) and the side members are individuals with relevant experience such as ex-professional players, coaches or match officials.

The Tribunal will consider all evidence presented to them by the Player and the Compliance Manager (on behalf of the RFL.)

The Tribunal then determine if the Club or individual concerned is guilty of an offence and what the appropriate sanction should be. Sanctioning decisions are made pursuant to the Off-Field Sentencing Guidelines.

Sanctions can include:

  • Warnings
  • Fines
  • Suspensions
  • Stadium bans
  • Sporting Sanction, e.g. point deductions.

There is a right of appeal against the findings of the Off-Field Operational Rules Tribunal.