23 May 2022

NCL Round-Up | Round 11

NCL Round-Up | Round 11


The Our League cameras focused on Division Two where Dewsbury Moor Maroons, who completed a £1m project to revamp their clubhouse during lockdown, hosted title challengers Barrow Island.

The first 28 minutes were scoreless as both sides tested each other on a warm afternoon.

Dewsbury Moor were halted short of the line a couple of times while Island fullback Jake Stockdale saw an effort disallowed at the other end for a double movement.

It was the visitors' defence that blinked first after Finley Bruce went close. From dummy half, a superb pass from skipper Brad Foster had Ash Boddys between defenders and under the posts. Foster improved to make it 6-0.

Just two minutes later home loose forward Brad Adams lost his cool in an altercation and was sinbinned and within seconds Barrow Island had their first try when Noah Robinson rampaged forward and offloaded superbly for supporting scrum-half Ian Irvine to score. Adam Jackson goaled.

The visitors took advantage of this period superbly with Dan Wright making a great run down the right before the ball came left and brother Aidan grounded despite the attentions of two defenders. Then with the final play of the half, Jackson and Stockdale linked for Nathan Sneesby to slide over. Jackson goaled both and it was 6-18 at the break.

Five minutes into the new half, an excellent pick-up from Max Anderson-Moore brought the centre his seventh try of the season from Blain Marwood's grubber kick.

This was a crucial time in the game and with Jackson at the hub of things, Island stretched their advantage. First, he sent Adam Ford striding in after 51 minutes. Although George Croisdale was held up at the other end, the visitors remained in control.

The last thirteen minutes brought four tries as first Island secured victory before Moor grabbed some consolation.

Jackson put Dan Wright through for a score and goaled before the try of the game. Max Anderson-Moore carved open the defence with some excellent footwork and pace that took him to Moor fullback Jake Butterfield and Marwood supported to go under the posts. Jackson potted his sixth goal to make it 6-40 and claim the player of the match, but Dewsbury Moor had the final say with wingers Jacob Beety and Jack Clarkson touching down for Foster to finish with three goals.

Following victory, Barrow Island go top of the division, just ahead of Heworth with previous leaders Crosfields falling to third.

Here are all other NCL Scores and scorers.


Egremont Rangers 10
Thatto Heath Crusaders 28
Rangers. T – M Bewsher,
Wright; G - Thompson
Crusaders. T – Hesketh,
Pike, Saunders, Holroyd,
Dwyer; G – Jones 4

Hunslet Club Parkside 40
Thornhill Trojans 0
Parkside. T – Squires,
Hullock, Cohen, Alrawi 2,
Canterbury, Dearden;
G – Hullock 6

Lock Lane 16
West Hull 34
Lane. T – Newbould, Moon, Bloomer; G – Butler 2
Wests. T – Moss 2, Tyson-Wilson, Kingdom, Wood;
G – Wilson 7

Pilkington Recs 12
Rochdale Mayfield 18
Recs. T – Caine, Riley; G –
Knapper 2
Mayfield. T – McDaid 2,
Stewart; G – Connolly 3

Wath Brow Hornets 34
Leigh Miners Rangers 32
Hornets. T – Howland, Burns,
Holgate 2, McCourt, Dawson;
G – Walker-Taylor 5
Rangers. T – Badrock 2,
Kenyon, Hamer, Lancelott,
Thomason; G – Pilkington 4

York Acorn 12
Siddal 40
Acorn. T – Potter,
Shepherdson; G – Chilton 2
Siddal. T – Hosty, Waite,
Nicholson, Ainley, Ackroyd,
Turner, McCallum; G – Pogson

Milford 16
Kells 36
Milford. T – Brown, Dowling
2; G – Best 2
Kells. T – O’Neil,
Lewthwaite, Watson, Ennis,
Ainley, Starkie; G – R
Gainford 6

Myton Warriors 14
Featherstone Lions 16
Warriors. T – Piggott, L
James; G – A James 3
Lions. T – Axe, Veerasamy,
Perkins; G – Kay 2

Oulton Raiders 30
Hull Dockers 22
Raiders. T – Wright 2,
Waters, Rymer, Storey; G –
Walpole 5
Dockers. T – Agar, T Heil,
Lyth, D Suddaby; G – D
Suddaby 3

Skirlaugh 17
Stanningley 10
Skirlaugh. T – Stewart,
Oliver, Myers; G – Newton 2;
FG - Slater
Stanningley. T – Parker,
Barcoe; G - Parker

West Bowling 48
Ince Rose Bridge 0
Wests. T – Milburn,
Darville, Taylor, Fontaine
3, Lumb, Wilkinson, Heald; G
– Williams 6

Wigan St Patricks 20
Saddleworth Rangers 12
Pats. T – Prior, Taylor,
Penny, B Smith; G – B Smith 2
Rangers. T – England,
Graziano; G – McManus 2

Bradford Dudley Hill 8
Woolston Rovers 24
Hill. T – Isle 2
Rovers. T – H Files 2,
Bates, Whiteley; G – Holt 4

Crosfields 22
Normanton Knights 30
Soap. T – Whittaker, Livett,
Clutterbuck, Chamberlain; G
– Stanway 3
Knights. T – Camplin,
Wilson, Jacob Crossland,
Haynes, A Barker; G – Joe
Crossland 3, Abson 2

Dewsbury Moor Maroons 18
Barrow Island 40
Maroons. T – Boddy, Beety,
Clarkson; G – Foster 3
Island. T – Irvine, A
Wright, Sneesby, Anderson-Moore, Ford, D Wright,
Marwood; G – Jackson 6

Heworth 54
Dewsbury Celtic 18
Villagers. T – Watling 2,
Watson, Dyson-Dent, Richmond
2, Chapman 2, Elliott, Earl;
G – Elliott, Ogilvie 6
Celtic. T – M Foulstone,
Copley, Heaton; G – Heaton 3

Hunslet Warriors 4
Clock Face Miners 39
Warriors. T - Dargan
Miners. T – Topping,
Highcock, Forber, Taylor,
Leyden 2, Carney; G –
Topping 2, Highcock 3; FG -

Wigan St Judes 14
Beverley 10
Judes. T – Cassidy 2,
Parkinson; G - Fallon
Beverley. T – L Poskitt,
Roe; G – J Poskitt

Eastmoor Dragons 26
Leigh East 12
Dragons. T – Raby 2, Oxley,
Hudson; G – Deal 4, Walker
Leigh. T – Ball, Nicholls; G
– Woods 2

Hensingham 12
Oldham St Annes 52
Hens. T – Holgate, Parker; G – Branthwaite 2
Saints. T – C Cashin 3, Barran, Martindale, M Cashin
2, Shaw 2, Etchells 2;
G – Barran 4

Millom 8
East Leeds 28
Maroons. T – Peters 2
Easts. T – Wooffitt,
Edwards, Plunkett 2,
Milburn; G – Littlewood 4

Seaton Rangers 32
Bentley 26
Rangers. T – Surtees,
Taylor, Nicholson,
Southward, Reid, Mason; G –
Smallwood 4
Bentley. T – Hill, Royle,
Starbuck, Roach, Flounders;
G – J Crasswell 3

Shaw Cross Sharks 24
Drighlington 16
Sharks. T – Wright 2,
Baines, Tomlinson, Neagle; G
– Tomlinson 2
Drig. T – Roche, Pickles,
Hallas; G – Roche 2

Waterhead Warriors 34
Batley Boys 6
Warriors. T – Hamilton,
Dean, Young 2, Holland,
Birch, Bridge; G –
Fitzgerald, Hamilton 2
Boys. T – Hyatt; G - Martin